Anime Gateways is a talk show co-hosted by Xavier Woods and Dani Fernandez. Each week they recommend a few different anime series or movies of specific genres, as a way to introduce non-anime fans to anime they might enjoy if they're already fans of those genres in other media. Additional commentary is provided by people who work in various aspects of the anime industry. The series premiered on Geek and Sundry on August 12, 2016.

Episode listEdit

no. Episode title Runtime Release date
01 Best Anime for Newcomers 8:17 August 12, 2016
02 Anime for RPG Fans 8:01 August 19, 2016
03 Anime for Harry Potter Fans 7:27 August 26, 2016
04 Anime for Superhero Fans 6:38 September 2, 2016
05 Best Anime for Hunger Games Fans 6:54 September 9, 2016
06 Anime for Romance Lovers 7:10 September 16, 2016
07 Anime for Firefly Fans 8:30 September 23, 2016
08 Anime for Horror Fans 8:32 September 30, 2016
09 Best Anime for Movie Lovers 8:09 October 7, 2016
10 Anime for Mech Fans 8:28 October 14, 2016

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