Titansgrave: Chapter 4 first aired on on June 30, 2015, and on YouTube on July 3, 2015.

The stranger the group met last time is named Auker, and he's a friend of the Beer Baron. He leads them into the sewers, to escape from Nestora. They fight off some creatures called sewer jackals, and rescue a group of mole people. They don't speak the language of our heroes, but seem to offer to lead them to safety. However, it turns out they're leading our heroes to sacrifice them to a huge monster called Kynagidas. Our heroes use stealth to run away, but are chased by Kynagidas. Finally they manage to get away, but when Lemley is exploring a nearby room, she discovers a dead orc. She brings S'Lethkk into the room to show him the body, which turns out to be his half brother, whom he's been seeking. So he decides to attack Kynagidas to avenge his brother. Auker stays behind to guard the body, with the group attack Kynagidas. In the end, Lemley nearly kills Kynagidas, but allows S'Lethkk to deliver the killing blow. Then Auker leads them to an elevator and tells them Mr. Voss wants to meet them. He presses a button to take them to the executive level, but Auker doesn't go with them.

Sewer Terror Chapter 4 TITANSGRAVE48:35

Sewer Terror Chapter 4 TITANSGRAVE

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