Vaginal Fantasy Together
Hosted by (from left) Veronica Belmont, Felicia Day (a.k.a. The Grand Duchess), Kiala Kazebee, and Bonnie Burton. Started in January of 2012, The Vaginal Fantasy Book Club focuses on romantic fiction, usually with science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, or supernatural elements. The club centers around the monthly Google+ Hangout book discussion, the Goodreads group forums, and generous amounts of alcohol. In August of 2012, the Hangout moved from Felicia Day's YouTube channel to Geek & Sundry. In November of 2014, Vaginal Fantasy moved to its own YouTube channel.

Felicia Day coined the term "vaginal fantasy" when she first got a Kindle and could purchase "smutty" books without embarrassment. The name of the group was meant to be a tounge-in-cheek nod to the romance genre. By including the word "vaginal" in the name it was meant to demonstrate that the club would unapologetically be about female-centric novels in genres (sci-fi, fantasy, etc.) whose authors and central characters have been, until recently, overwhelmingly male.

Vaginal Fantasy strives to be intersectional and trans* inclusive, and as such wants to acknowledge that not all women have vaginas/not all who have vaginas are women. Everyone is welcome to participate. Please note, however, that due to the nature of the subject matter and sometimes graphic content, this book club is for mature audiences only.


For more information, see the Vaginal Fantasy Hangout Episode Guide

In each episode, Day, Belmont, Burton, and Kazebee discuss the main pick they've read in their book club, and share some online responses from other members of the club. Regular segments also include "What are you drinking?", "Casting", and shout-outs to local chapters. An alternate pick is discussed on the Goodreads forums.

During each monthly hangout fellow readers and Vaginal Fantasy fans can participate in the discussion by tweeting @VaginalFantasy or using the #VaginalFantasy.

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