Werewolves is a Halloween special that premiered on Geek and Sundry on October 31, 2014, as part of Halloweek. It features Kate Micucci as Jane, Brace Harris as Harvey, Jeff Lewis as the Mayor, Felicia Day as Elenor, Mark Fischbach as Bill, Jordan Black as Louis, Brea Grant as Mary, and Dorien Davies as Seer. It was written by Kevin Tenglin and Eric Kissack, and directed by Eric Kissack. It was executive produced by Felicia Day and Sheri Bryant.

It begins with a Seer being killed by a werewolf, which has been menacing a village for some time. Later, the townsfolk find the dead Seer, and try to determine which one among them is the werewolf. Jane is certain that it's Harvey, but the others aren't so sure....

WEREWOLVES Starring Kate Micucci, Felicia Day, and Jeff Lewis - HALLOWEEK05:38

WEREWOLVES Starring Kate Micucci, Felicia Day, and Jeff Lewis - HALLOWEEK

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